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About Adam Bossov

Adam assists clients with monitoring and appealing property tax bills and assessments for all types of properties, including single family homes, office buildings, shopping centers, apartment buildings, condominium associations, hotels/motels and industrial buildings in Cook and the collar counties. His warm professionalism provides clients the highest level of guidance, action, and results.

Real Estate Tax

Real estate taxes are based on the value of the property, meaning that the tax directly affects the value of the property. An excessive tax can impact the property's value, which creates the owner's need for fair property taxation. Unfortunately, receiving fair taxation can be extremely difficult in the midst of knowing and navigating government and legal limitations, rules and procedures. Annually, thousands of property owners file protests in court, then wait years for a decision. Through assessment, review and litigation, excessive real estate tax assessments are reassigned in the client's favor to guarantee the fairest possible real estate taxes.

Our Services

  • Auditing and Reviewing Assessments and Tax Bills
  • Filing Complaints to Contest Assessments
  • Representing Lawsuits in the Circuit Courts
  • Seeking Retroactive Refunds
  • Remediation of Tax Delinquncies
  • Procuring Property Tax Exemptions
  • Filing Petitions for Tax Divisions
  • Consultation and Tax Projection

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